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Dr. Andarica, MD, Internal and Integrative Medicine

Dr. Victoria Andarcia, MD

Dr. Andarcia is an Internal Medicine Physician with a fellowship in Integrative Medicine and training in Functional Medicine.


"I grew up in South Florida with 4 other siblings, speaking English, Spanish and Italian. We were always an active family, and as a result, I love anything that involves physical activity or being outdoors. I found Functional Medicine through my own health journey and have been blessed to be able to share this medicine with others." 

What is Functional Medicine?

Integrative and Functional Medicine aims on treating common conditions through lifestyle optimization and by addressing physiological issues within the body. We do this through clinical evaluation, advanced diagnostic, and lab testing. It's not enough to treat symptoms. By getting to the ROOT CAUSE, we can actually improve the condition and make meaningful long-lasting changes. Functional Medicine aims to treat the whole person, not just the parts that seemingly are not working. The areas we focus on are sleep, detoxification pathways, stress, environment, movement, and nutrition. 

Dr. Andarcia specializes in treating:

Hormone imbalance / Hormone Replacement 

Weight Loss

Weak immune system

Autoimmune conditions

Digestive Disorders

Improve detoxification pathways 


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